Throughout my life’s journey I have met and come across many people who have influenced and have had a profound effect on me. None more important than the women who I have supported in my work as a Doula.

I moved to Surrey with my two young children 20 years ago. My daughter is now married and my son has recently finished University and is living in the US while he follows his dreams. I worked in London in the fashion industry for many years before training to be a Doula. I love my home, art, fashion and a good movie.

I have been practising as a Birth Doula since 2004 and initially trained with Doula UK being a member until very recently. I remain a registered member of Nurturing Birth. I am an active member of the MVP (Maternity Voice Partnership) at the Royal Surrey and meet with the team there on a regular basis.

My objective is to give unreserved, non-judgmental support and guidance to all of my clients. By building a friendly and trusting relationship during your pregnancy you will feel safe to explore your feelings about your birth. First time mothers, mothers without family support around them, mothers of twins and mothers who want their partner to be supported – I cover all these roles.

It is vital for me to feel that you are protected, well informed and well supported in every way possible enabling you and your partner to focus on this extraordinary event in your lives.

Of course there is so much information available which can be overwhelming at times. Having a doula there by your side can help take away some of the anxiety largely due to the unknowns of pregnancy and labour.

My experience has been very broad; I have worked in my local hospitals of Frimley Park and the Royal Surrey, all of the larger hospitals in London, in birth centres and in my client’s homes… even in a yurt!

Over the years I have gathered many contacts covering a diverse range of fields from natural and holistic treatment such as Cranial Osteopathy, Optimal Fetal Positioning and Post-Partum Abdominal Wrapping to more conventional support such as Placenta Encapsulation and Stem Cell collection.

If you would like to meet me we can arrange an initial meeting. My time is booked two weeks prior to the due date and 2 weeks after the birth. I am available at all times during this period. During the labour and birth I will stay with you and your partner for as long as you need me.

After the baby is born I will visit you at home to make sure you are okay and help with care and feeding questions. As an additional service I can offer 3 days per week post-natal support for up to 6 weeks after the birth.

Booney Smith MHbA