Throughout my life’s journey I have met and come across many people who have influenced and have had a profound effect on me. None more important than the women who I have worked alongside and whom have changed my life since 2004. This date marks the beginning of my training as a birth and postnatal Doula.

When a women finds a partner or husband there is a hopeful chance that a baby will follow in time. A precious baby and with that comes responsibility.

This is when you, as a woman and mother-to-be will need someone you can rely and depend on. A Birth Doula is there to fully support YOU and YOUR needs.

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As a trained Birth Doula, I am there to give you totally non-judgmental and clear guidance, information and support  before, during and after the birth of your baby or babies. Additionally I am there to support your husband or partner who might need reassurance. If at home at a Birth Centre or in a hospital I will be by your side.

This is how important a birth doula is.

I will do all the above and more. I will come when needed and go when your new family need their private time to bond. I will be discreet at all times. Just having a trained doula there can make such a difference. It takes away some of the anxiety which is largely due to the unknowns of pregnancy and labour; despite all the pregnancy and labour reading you can do and pregnancy advice you can hear.

I will give you as many statistics as you would like, and as much information as you would like to know. All is important.

The most important thing is that you, your new born baby and partner are well cared for from the beginning of this extraordinary and remarkable journey. Each birth is a miracle and a privilege for a parent. Which you will soon become.

– Booney Smith MHbA