“We were recommended Booney by a friend at a very late stage in our pregnancy when we were in quite a panic to find a Doula. Booney was our saviour on numerous accounts.

Booney came to meet us at our home and within moments I knew she was the perfect fit for us. She immediately made us feel at ease about all the anxieties we had about labour. She took time to listen to our questions, and talk through all the various preferences we had for our birth, and finalise our ‘birthplan’.

Like most people, our birth preferences were for a calm labour, as much as possible at home, and then to hospital for the final stages. I used hypnobirthing, positive affirmations, soothing music, calm lighting, oils, remedies. Booney helped me prepare all the little potions I wanted to have, but also brought with her an amazing bag of little tricks. She knew exactly when and how to try out different ideas we had up our sleeves, and also worked with my husband with massage techniques. All of these proved essential for what turned out to be a lengthy and complicated labour. Booney stayed with us at our house, we cooked together, watched films, had baths, laughed, cried. For me, it was like having my mother and a best friend with me (and my husband).

As labour progressed and we moved to hospital, Booney stayed with us, navigating us through a series of tough, emotional, and finely balanced decisions. Booney was amazing – a wise and calming counsel throughout. She even found the energy, when all of us we’re exhausted, to bring in extra midwives to discuss the pros and cons of all our various options. Never did we feel that we were out of control, or being pressured in any way – and this has been paramount to helping me reflect back on what had happened, and not feel any grief or pain or guilt.

Since the birth, Booney has supported us continuously. We have talked through it all and laughed a lot about the highs and lows of our labour. In the future I will make sure our little boy knows what a big role Booney played in bringing him safely into this world. She was our Guardian Angel and I would not hesitate for a moment if you are considering booking her for your birth – whatever your preference may be. Booney is worth 10x the value of her time.”

“We thought long and hard about engaging a doula’s services. After meeting Booney, my husband and I knew that she was the one for us. Her experience, infectious enthusiasm and joy for her job won us over. Leading up to our due date, we felt so reassured to have Booney on the end of the phone. We were able to get advice, reassurance and alleviate any anxieties whenever we needed. We felt supported and well prepared when the big day finally arrived.

The moment Booney stepped on the ward, we knew we were in safe hands and all our nerves disappeared. She gently guided us through the process. She helped us create a wonderfully relaxing and supportive environment. I genuinely found the experience enjoyable. Labour progressed very quickly and when I was unable to get an epidural in time, Booney was a huge support. Just having her there gave me confidence, strength and reassurance that I could do it! My husband felt that Booney enabled him to be more involved and provide better support for me, knowing that Booney was there watching over us all.

After our precious baby girl arrived, Booney really came into her own. She was amazing. Again she guided us gently through the next magical but intense few hours. I really don’t know what we would have done without her. Simple things like getting cleaned up, caring for the baby and ourselves! She stayed until she knew we were all ok and settled.

She also gave a lot of support and invaluable advice in the postnatal period. It is wonderful knowing she will always be there for us and a special bond has been created. Overall we highly recommend Booney as a doula extraordinaire!”

“Booney was a life saver. Not sure we couldn’t have done it without her. As this was my first child I didn’t know what to expect, and she was there every step of the way. For random questions the weeks before the delivery, up till the very end. My labour was particularly painful and she managed to carry me through the night by being very supporting and also knowing how to make me feel more comfortable (massages, bath, shower, etc ). she also managed the communication with the hospital, which apparently was fully booked that night hence not easy to manage. What I liked about her the most is also that she is not judgmental at all. Whether you want a natural birth or not she is there for you. My husband as well was incredibly happy to have her cause he would have had no idea how to deal with me and the staff at the hospital. We’d definitely have her again!”

“I heard of Booney through a friend of mine when I was 6 or 7 months pregnant. Her and her husband had been collaborating with Booney for the birth of their first son and literally told me that they could not have done it without her. I decided therefore to contact her to assess whether we wanted a doula and in particular Booney.

Since the very first discussions we had on the phone, I knew that Booney would be a great asset to make the birth of my daughter the best possible experience. Booney was the reassuring and calm force my husband and I needed. My birth was not easy and having Booney next to me to hold when in pain, to discuss options and to help us in our decisions was the best idea ever. I strongly recommend her.”

“I had hoped we would have the birth centre birth that we were planning but knew that if I had a similar birth to my sister (induction, very little dilation, an infection and ultimately an emergency caesarean) that I would want some personal support for both myself and my husband. Alas my birth turned out to be almost exactly the same as my sisters and I am so so thankful that we had Booney with us.

Prior to the birth I had a number of conversations with Booney about not only our birth plan, placenta encapsulation and stem cell harvesting from the cord (all of which we knew nothing about) but also issues that were causing me anxiety – largely leaving work and the prospect of having a caesarean. Both of which she counselled me through with such kindness and wisdom.  As someone who had never been to hospital I knew that if I needed a caesarean I would not react well. And indeed I didn’t – but after lots of conversations we knew this would be the case and Booney, my husband and I were in some way prepared for my reaction when the time came. For me to know that my husband was not alone at this time was a huge comfort to me, while Booney – who had seen this all many times – was a vital calming influence on me, quietly managing my panic and guiding me through what I needed to do.

Aside from my fear and panic over the caesarean, Booney was also invaluable at every stage. Equipped with oils and gadgets each designed to create a feeling of calm and comfort my early labour was spent in the lap of luxury! As things got harder, Booney spent hours rubbing my back with a magical roller ball that she had brought, guided me into helpful new positions and when finally I had an epidural she was there to help my husband lift me every half hour (my epidural was only partially working). She helped us establish fun and friendly relationships with the midwives and brought a sense of calm, laughter, excitement and security to a situation that could have been scary from start to finish.

And there were other things too like being there with me in the recovery room before my family arrived and while my husband had to move the car. Making sure we were all hydrated and nourished at every stage, explaining medical terminology and possible next steps to us and encouraging the doctors and midwives to tell us exactly what was going on in Lehman’s terms. Helping us to make decisions for US and creating as far as we could the birth that WE wanted. We felt truly guided, protected, encouraged and looked after at every stage – and most of all Booney brought an immense sense of positivity and fun to a very special, life altering moment. She is utterly brilliant!!”

“She gave me guidance and support that went beyond anything I would have expected and felt so lucky to have met her.

It was a long Labour Tuesday to Friday afternoon by the time I gave birth and she stayed with me throughout going beyond the call of duty, and stayed a further few days to support me.

What I went through was stressful and exhausting yet the most amazing experience of my life and really blessed Booney was there to help me get through it.

It was not only her experience but was her personality and manner that showed how she was the perfect choice for a doula, every Mother should consider to have one by her side.”

“Booney has a very comforting and warm personality, one that is perfect for the very personal care-related services that Doula’s provide. She was also exceptional at tending to our every need, having thought of every last detail relating to preparing for hospital and helping to make us comfortable while there. ”

‘The Amazing experience you have provided over the last few weeks for pre-during –post birth has been invaluable .A few words about Booney, Empathetic, dedicated, trusted, respectful, sympathetic, insightful and an experienced Doula. You always put everyone else and their needs before your own. Every Mother needs a Booney in their life ,try and make it for as long as possible.She makes the experience magical and less daunting.’

Booney completely exceeded our Expectations. She was a huge emotional support. A routine was put in place very gently but effectively. My husband and I with our 18 month old daughter were able to have time together with the 2 new boys. The running of the house was carried out efficiently and she left us in pretty good shape.

IF you can, a Doula is such a plus’

Booney has been working for us as a Doula to support us for the birth of our second child. Because we are foreigners and therefore not very comfortable with the English Health System, we were looking for someone who could help us, support us and guide us to deliver our second childSince the very beginning in our first meeting, Booney has impressed us with her professionalism, her experience, her kindness and her courtesy. But we definitely have not been disappointed afterwards. The labour lasted more than 36 hours and Booney has been extremely supportive, helpful and patient in every possible ways. Thanks to her, my wife never stayed alone. In the end Booney almost managed to make my wife’s labour enjoyable and fun!

As a conclusion, we have been extremely happy to have Booney by our side in this wonderful moment and I would warmly recommend Booney to anyone who is looking for a Doula.’

Booney played a huge part in our baby’s delivery. She stopped at nothing. It truly helped us enjoy and appreciate this special time. She was also amazingly supportive before the birth, which was very reassuring.’

‘Our long awaited 2nd baby was fueled with such emotion. Booney never left our side. She supported both myself and my husband with such kindness and confidence, it all seemed so calm. Thank you.’

‘She was amazing, extraordinary and I know I could not have done without her there, in the time I had my 1st baby. It was magic. Book her.’

‘She kept me focused and calm during the birth. And adapted to my needs which were endless. She made us feel very special. She gives far more than expected.’